A passionate motivational speaker and life coach with a new reality-based, no-nonsense approach, Terry Taylor is the designer of a unique strategy for reaching your goals and loving your life. Creator of the CD program, 8 Steps For Reclaiming Your Life, and author of the upcoming book, This Is Your Life: No Apology Needed, her mission is to help you to break free from conflict, confusion and the control of others so you can go after your goals guilt-free, with confidence and joy.

Damage Control Through Selectivity

Have you ever wondered, “How did I end up here? I don’t want this! Was it fate, or was it something I did?” More than likely, it was something you DIDN’T do! The reason you ended up in an unwanted place is because you didn’t plan and didn’t strive for where you actually wanted to [Read the rest of this article...]

Take Charge of Your Own Happiness

SEPTEMBER’S BREAK FREE TIP shows you how to be someone who makes yourself happy – instead of depending on everybody else to make you happy. • “I can’t wait to find the love of my life…then I’ll be happy!” • “I can’t wait to find a boss who recognizes my worth…then I’ll be happy!” • [Read the rest of this article...]

Why You Never Have To Feel Guilty About Your Emotions

Todays Break Free Blog shows you how to use your emotions to serve – rather than destroy — your life. Have you ever had feelings like, “Sometimes I just want to kill that guy!” Or, “These last few days I’ve felt nothing but hatred for that woman!” Or, “I’m so jealous of her it makes [Read the rest of this article...]


How often have you avoided a topic of conversation with one of the following remarks: “It makes me so mad I can’t even THINK about it!” “Don’t get me started – I don’t want to go there!” “I don’t want to hear anything about it I get so stressed out!” Sound familiar? You may feel [Read the rest of this article...]


June 2013 Break-Free TIP DON’T PUT OFF DOING WHAT YOU LOVE – COME ALIVE NOW ! is the title of my Break Free Tip for June. It shows you how ACT NOW to do what you love — so you can enjoy living instead of regretting that you “forgot to live.” The trouble is, all [Read the rest of this article...]

How To Live An Exciting Life

How can you reach a new level of enthusiasm and excitement about your life? Simply by seeing your “self” in a brand new light! First, ask yourself what kind of a LIFE you are living these days. Are you running yourself into the ground with one chore after the next? Are you doing a thousand [Read the rest of this article...]

Are You a Prisoner of Your Commitments?

This blog is taken from Terry’s March 2013 Break-Free TIP: Do you ever feel trapped by past promises and commitments? Have you made agreements you are no longer able to keep? Healthy relationships often depend upon the kinds of agreements we make with other people. Today’s Blog shows how you can make agreements that enhance your life and how to [Read the rest of this article...]

Our Love Affair With Love

  February is the month we celebrate LOVE. Love is praised everywhere by everybody. Love is seen as the magic potion that makes all things possible and the glue that holds people together. Love is seen as the way to solve both personal and world problems. It is seen as the motivator of progress, the [Read the rest of this article...]

Make Dreams — Not Resolutions!

JANUARY’S BREAK FREE BLOG shows you how to motivate yourself with your Dreams for your life – instead of chastising yourself with “Resolutions.” This year try something new. Instead of making a list of resolutions, make a list of your dreams! You will discover a huge difference in your motivation, your enthusiasm and your follow-through. The [Read the rest of this article...]

Retaining Your Selfhood In a Swarm Societal Demands

As you go through your day, do you have a happy, healthy sense of your own individuality? Or do you feel like you’ve “lost” your sense of self by supporting “the good of society” and ignoring your own needs and yearnings? At the end of the day, have you made progress toward the things that [Read the rest of this article...]

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