1. Do you like yourself?

2. Do you look at yourself in the mirror?

  • Do you look yourself in the eye?
  • Do you like your face – and the expression on your face?
  • Do you like your body – and the way you hold yourself and move?

3. Do you have the character traits you admire?

  • Are you making an effort to develop those traits in yourself?

4. Do you respect your body?

  • Do you take good care of your body by eating the right amounts of good food, exercising regularly, getting proper rest, and taking care of health issues?

5. Do you respect your mind?

  • Do you take good care of your mind by thinking clearly, resolving contradictions, and choosing healthy ideas to live by?

6. Do you strive for the best for yourself?

  • In your work?
  • In your play?
  • In your surroundings?
  • In your relationships?

7. Will you settle for less than the best you can achieve?

8. Do you enjoy your own company?

  • Do you schedule time to be with just yourself?
  • Do you treasure your “alone time”?

9. Do you put anyone’s wishes, opinions, goals, thinking, purpose or values above your own?

10. Do you strive to make your work, your play, and your relationships, as well as your physical appearance and surroundings, reflect your ideals and your vision?

11. Have you looked at the Big Picture of your life?

  • Have you discovered what is important to you – your values?
  • Have you decided what you want to do in you life based on your values?
  • Have you set goals to accomplish what you want to do?
  • Have you planned baby steps to achieve each of your goals?

12. Do you strive not only to sustain your life, but to fulfill it?

13. Have you discovered sound principles by which to guide your life?

  • Do you have a healthy Recipe For Living?

How is your relationship with yourself?  If you answered “No” to questions 7 and 9 – and “Yes” to all rest – you have a great relationship with yourself!  Don’t worry if your answers differ – this just shows you where you can still grow!

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