Here’s What Other Women Like You Are Saying About Terry:

Terry made me realize I’ve been drowning doing for others more than for myself. She’s challenged me to own up to my convictions, accept the truth, and come alive once again.
—— Beverly Biggs, Business Owner and Mother

Terry’s process helps me identify and change my subconsciously held beliefs. I’m going to get on top of this – it’s already a pay-off.
—— Ilene Dillon, Psychotherapist, Author and Mother

Terry put me in touch with more of my goals and made me aware of the ones I’ve already achieved. I am so thankful!
—— Cheryl Connelly, Business Owner, Artist and Mother

Terry taught me the importance of having a good relationship with myself when I didn’t even know I could have a relationship with myself. She taught me that affirming my own values empowers me to more fully appreciate and support the values of my loved ones.
—– Christine VanBrunt, Working Mom

“Terry really put me on track. She really got me thinking about my life and making some rewarding changes.
—– Sandra Crawford, Business Owner and Mother

I was thinking of going to a therapist, but Terry was able to ask the questions that got me to face the issues and answer my own questions. Terry really knows how to help me discover what’s most important to me in my life.
—— Nancy M. Werany, Entrepreneur and Mother

I wish I had talked with Terry when I had my first kid. But even at this late date, she helped me reclaim some of my life.”
—— Lisa Joyce, Working Mom launching own Business

Terry should have been a shrink rather than an author! She really helped me figure out what was going on – and helped me identify my goals, confusions, conflicts and next steps.
—— Jan Piner, Business Owner and Mother

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